Profile Management

Creating a new profile

After installing Aireforge Studio you will be prompted to create a new profile. If you want to separate projects, teams or customers, multiple profiles might be useful. If multiple profiles aren't required, select "Always use this profile" and this screen will be bypassed on future launches of the application.

Password Protected: Profiles can be shared between teams, so consider password protecting your profile to prevent unauthorised access.


All information entered and subsequently stored within a profile is encrypted, this is regardless of whether the profile is password protected. Aireforge ensures all sensitive information about your estate, as well as custom healthchecks, scripts & comparisons are secured using algorithms that meet the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) specification.

Team profiles

A profile can be simultaneously accessed by multiple Aireforge Studio clients. This lets teams immediately receive changes, such as new servers or credential updates. To share profiles, save and access your profile from a shared location, such as a network share or cloud storage.

Managing and switching profiles

Manage profiles within the application by selecting the Profile tab. From here you can create or open new profiles, rename exiting profiles, change passwords or restore manual profile selection from within the settings dialog.